How Your Houston Area Real Estate Agent Will Use a Lock Box

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, you could just leave your house open and any real estate agent could come in and show the home at any time. There were almost no security issues. Now, because of safety problems, we have the handy, dandy lock box.

Lock Box History

Attached to a door handle, gate, water or gas meter, lock boxes hold keys to a house for sale. They were invented in the 70’s, and opened by a key that your REALTOR possessed. In the 90’s, the electronic lock box replaced the older key model. The electronic type is what most property professionals use today to make sure your home remains safe while it’s for sale.

In 2008, the electronic lock box took another big step forward in technology, and can:

  • Alert as many as five emergency contacts when its panic button is activated.
  • Tell the seller’s REALTOR when a house has been shown.
  • Provide the buyer’s agent with extra information about the home, including instructions from the homeowner, such as “Don’t Feed the Dog.”

    Why You Should Use a Lock Box

    Homes for sale that use a lock box are shown more often because it’s easier for REALTORS to have access when the owners are at work. There are different fees charged for the use of a lock box, but the price usually sits around $100 plus tax. When you hire a property professional, you’ll get the use of the lock box for free as part of his or her service.

    When to Use a Lock Box

    You may want to have your real agent put your lock box on a schedule instead of making the house available around the clock. This will allow you to control the use of the house, and ensure that no one uses it during off hours.

    All in all, the use of a lock box by your real estate agent is a great idea. It’s safe and convenient, not only for you but also for REALTORS and potential buyers.

    If you’re ready to sell your home with a REALTOR who puts your safety and convenience first, give me a call at 281-827-3707 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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