Listing Your Home for Sale During the Holidays

Conventional wisdom always had it that the holidays were not the best time for getting your home sold; however, this line of thinking has been thrown upside-down given today’s busy lifestyles and the information age.

According to the Houston Association of Realtors, 5,039 homes were sold in the Houston area in December 2012 with 3,899 more sold in January, indicating that there are indeed buyers for homes during the holiday months. There are always going to be serious buyers out there and home inventory will always be lighter during the holidays as many sellers avoid the hassle of having to keep their homes clean and leave their home for a showing. Placing your home on the market will allow you to take advantage of this supply/demand imbalance at a time when home inventories are already on the low side.

Another reason for listing over the holidays is that many buyers who are leading busy lives actually have some time off to look at houses. This is especially true for buyers relocating to the Houston area. The holidays afford them more than just a quick weekend to see as much as they can see.

Lastly, some buyers are incented to close on their home purchase before the end of the year for tax reasons. They can claim a homestead exemption on their property taxes a year earlier and can claim deductions for points paid on a mortgage.

The bottom line is you need the weigh the convenience of having your home off the market with the incredible opportunity this time of season presents for getting your home sold.

For a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis and to talk about the best ways to market your home during the holidays, please call us at (281) 827-3707

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