Home Staging Pays Dividends

If you have ever watched any of those flip or remodel shows on television, you’ve probably wondered if it really makes sense to have a home “staged”. I mean, it has to cost some money to bring in furniture and decorate the place, right?

The answer is yes – but there is a good reason to spend this money. Home staging, the process of preparing a home to present for sale in the marketplace, matters, and it matters a lot. Recent statistics from the Association of Staging Professionals show that 94% of professionally staged homes sell in 29 days or less, which is remarkable given the weakness in the housing markets the last few years. Compare this to the average non-professionally staged home which takes an average of 145 days to sell. Reduced time on the market means reduced carrying costs because you avoid those three extra months of mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

In addition to a shorter amount of time on the market, the return on investment of staging can be astronomical. A 2007 study by Home Gain shows that the rate of return with hiring someone to stage your home professionally could be as high as 343%. For example, if hiring a professional costs you $5,000 to have your home staged, you could get as much as $17,000 in terms of an increased sales price.

Lastly, a professionally-staged home will get you more showings. When looking for a home, people are visual. Staging allows for the best possible face to be put on your home for listing photos and virtual tours. The same house can look dramatically different with improved décor, which will bring buyers to your door.

To discuss some ways to use professional staging to increase your sales price and reduce the time to get your home sold, give us a call at (281) 827-3707.


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