If a house is haunted…

This is the time of year for haunted houses. They pop up for a few weeks, people flock to them, and then they disappear until next year.

Some people love the controlled scare of haunted houses, while others wouldn’t be caught dead (pun intended) in one.

But what about a real haunted house? How many people really want to flock to them?

Surely there’s some people who would love to check one out. But how many people would actually buy a house that’s haunted?

Which brings up a question we hear in real estate once in awhile…

If a house that’s for sale is haunted, do real estate agents need to tell you?

Real estate rules, regulations, and laws vary from area to area, so there’s not just one answer to that.

But in our area…

…you know what, instead of just giving you the answer, why don’t you take a guess.

What do you think the rule is in our area? Also, do you think owners and real estate agents should disclose if a house is haunted or not?

Looking forward to seeing your response!

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