Do you want to help me improve the real estate industry?

The Super Bowl got me thinking about something to do with real estate, and it’s something you can actually help me with.

This week I saw an article floating around the Internet, talking about how much people hate the New England Patriots.

Some poll said they’re the most hated team in football right now.

That’s just the nature of sports. Rivalries exist. Fans pick sides. No shocker there.

The Patriots certainly have their true fans, so there’s no need for them to care, or do anything about the hatred.

Besides, they couldn’t win everyone over even if they tried.

However, just one player can change people’s perceptions.

See, people who hate the Patriots hate the team… not necessarily the individual players.

In fact, one Patriot player was quoted as saying that he used to hate the Patriots. And now that he’s one of them, well, he doesn’t hate them anymore. Naturally.

And… his friends, family, and fans who used to hate New England, now root for them. They look past what they hate about the team as a whole.

ONE member of the team… managed to change how certain people feel about the team as a whole.

I would like to be that player, in a sense, and change people’s perceptions about real estate.

So, let’s compare real estate to the Patriots.

A lot of people dislike real estate agents — as if all real estate agents are on one big team.

And people have their reasons for disliking agents.

Most agents look at it as part of the game… like there’s nothing that can be done about it, so there’s no need to sweat it.

Which makes sense to some degree, I guess.

But most real estate agents also take how we are perceived to heart. (At least I do.)

They just wish the perception were different…

… while not really doing anything about it.

However, I would like to.

So what frustrates YOU about real estate agents?

See, some people reading this are my true fans — people who support me in this business despite how you may view real estate agents as a whole. I know this, and appreciate it.

But even though you might be a fan of mine, you might still look at real estate agents as a whole with some amount of distrust or frustration.

And some of you might not be a true fan of mine. (Yet.)

Maybe you simply got on my e-mail list by signing into an open house, or a form online, for instance. So, maybe you just look at me as one of the players on a team you hate… real estate agents in general.

Which is why I’m writing all of this.

I want to hear your thoughts on what you hate about real estate. What frustrates you about the business, or agents? What would you change if you were in charge?

I won’t take offense. I’m looking at this objectively. Nothing personal.

So, please… vent, rant, complain, or gripe to me! I can’t promise you a magic pill, but I’ll listen and do what I can to solve your frustrations.

I want to change the game, wherever and however I can. In the least, I aim to change the perception of the players… one true fan at a time.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

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