Don’t be fooled when hiring a real estate agent


I always try to post something appropriate for whatever holiday it is.

And when it comes to April Fool’s Day, I guess “appropriate” could’ve been some sort of a joke or outrageous prank.

Businesses and brands do this every April Fool’s Day. But it can, and does, backfire. I wouldn’t want to take that chance with my clientele.

I think we all like humor, but most of us don’t want to feel that we were made a fool of, or tricked.

At this point, you know I have a lighter side. Most of what I write has some humor or wit to it. Humor and wit are great for making content and thoughts memorable. It has its time and place.

But I also have a serious side…

So, for April Fool’s Day, I decided to go the opposite route. I want to take a moment and be a bit serious, and talk about a related problem in the real estate industry.

People often feel tricked, or “fooled” by real estate agents.

Really, it boils down to agents over-promising and under-delivering.

Too often, people fall for slick words, hype, and promises made by some real estate agents… only to feel like what they promised they’d do, or could make happen, was a far cry from reality.

Buying and selling real estate is no joke. It’s serious business, and I take pride in not tricking or fooling anyone into doing business with me.

I pride myself on being transparent and doing business with honesty and integrity. Of course, I love approaching this business with a softer side, that’s fun and funny… but only where and when it’s appropriate.

I’m not trying to be a stick-in-the-mud…I just felt like this was a great day to convey these thoughts.

Sometimes humor is a way to get something to be remembered.

Sometimes, doing the opposite will have a greater impact.

With that said, I hope you have a laugh or two this April Fool’s Day

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