2020 Bluebonnet Safari

To escape the confines of our virus-imposed isolation, we broke out and went on a safari in search of wild bluebonnets.

After packing a lunch and loading Jackson in the Jeep.  We set off in search of Texas wildflowers.

Driving north to Chapel Hill we stealthily escaped notice and took the old Brenham Highway to find our prey.  This is one of our favorite routes because there is lots of open farmland and pastures where bluebonnets and other wildflowers are allowed to grow.

We were a late in the season as they came out early. But there were still plenty of flowers to provide a welcome diversion from our confinement and release the cabin fever

We stopped and took a few pictures. Jackson was not overly impressed with bluebonnets and so would not sit pretty for the camera. But to show him, I took his picture anyway.

2020 Bluebonnet Safari 2

Driving through to Brenham, we passed the Bluebell Creamery, which although not open to visitors (so no ice cream) was busily churning out delicious ice cream for these trying times.  We also went to Firemen’s Park but did not stay long as there was no one else at the park and it seemed to be closed.

We headed back east on 105 and took a small detour to the old Baylor campus. It is hard to believe that Baylor used to be near Independence, Texas.  Of course, this was quite some time ago when the old campus consisted of a men’s and women’s college. We sat down and had our lunch before making our way back east on 105.

2020 Bluebonnet Safari 3

Traveling through east on 105 is a very scenic and relaxing drive. You get to see the farms and ranches that made up the heritage of this part of Texas.

2020 Bluebonnet Safari 4

Thanks for taking the time to share our safari.  Here’s a link to the trip we took Easter Weekend, March 31, 2018.

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