Househunting: An Easter egg hunt for adults


It kind of stinks that Easter egg hunts are mostly for kids. Who doesn’t want to grab a basket and go on the hunt?

Adults are left to hide the eggs. Not find them.

I guess it’s fun enough to watch the kids look for them and see the glee on their face when they find them.

It always seems like there are some kids who are more aggressive, and find the eggs first. And then there are other kids who are less aggressive, and take whatever ones they can manage to stumble upon.

But, there’s always an egg or two that nobody finds. Left hidden. Unfound. Or, at least until someone stumbles across it months, or years later. (Hopefully not by following the stink, because it was a real egg that rotted…)

There’s lots of correlation here for me as a real estate agent…

  • You can have the fun of an easter egg hunt as an adult… househunting! I know, I know… it’s not the same. It’s better!
  • Finding your dream home can be like searching for hidden Easter eggs. It isn’t always out in the open and easy to find.
  • Some buyers are aggressive and manage to scoop up houses before buyers who are less aggressive can stumble upon them.
  • There can be some hidden “eggs” left unfound. Some great houses are “hidden” by being priced inappropriately, listed incorrectly, due to poor photography, or a bad description. These can go unfound by both aggressive and nonaggressive buyers.
  • No matter how, or when my buyer finds their “easter egg” of a house, there’s nothing better to me than seeing the glee on their face…
  • Actually, there is something better than seeing the glee…I get to be a part of the hunt! Greatest job ever! Kind of like being on an Easter egg hunt every day, of every year.

Are you thinking of hunting for your dream home soon? If so, I’d love to help you find it! (I’m really good at finding the well-hidden ones.)

If not, I just thought I’d share those thoughts with you since the coming holiday got me thinking those thoughts.

If you celebrate…Happy Easter to you and your family.

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